• PoC for residential customers
    PoC for residential customers
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    Servicing Commercial and Industrial
  • Benefits of Metering Dynamics
    Benefits of Metering Dynamics


Metering Dynamics offers a range of multi-utility metering, information and energy measurement solutions throughout Australia with support offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Rockhampton, Toowoomba, Townsville and Headquarters in Brisbane.

We are one of Australia’s largest metering businesses and develop and manage infrastructure that collects, warehouses and distributes energy, utilities information for market participants and operators, retailers, networks, customers and more.

How we get the best for you.

At Metering Dynamics, safety is our number one value. When it comes to safety, the only acceptable result is that our staff and our community stay safe every day.


We will discuss your requirements for reporting and data/billing. This may include a site visit and proposal.

Expert installation & connection

We will arrange a suitable time to conduct the installation and commissioning phase of the project. Part of the process includes testing the accuracy and communication.

Commissioning and validation

To ensure reliability of data, we perform data validation systems as standard. Once completed, Metering Dynamics will issue Site Completion and our warranty certificate to the customer.

Data and information services

Metering Dynamics collects and processes 15 and 30 minute meter data on a daily basis and delivers it to our customers to enable management and control of utility and energy consumption.

Where we can help you?

Metering Dynamics’ products and services are available in both NEM* and Non-NEM* regions.

* National Electricity Market
* Non National Electricity Market
x Not yet available