A Managed Service Approach to Sub-Metering of Industrial Sites for Efficiency and Compliance Reporting

Large industrial sites present many challenges when trying to understand the efficiency of plant and processes and gain control of utility consumption to reduce service bills. Through Metering Dynamics systems approach to sub metering, a site visit is performed to understand the issues, identify the meters that require logging and discuss the project in detail with key stakeholders. This approach is applied to sites of all types and sizes.

One example of a site which utilised this approach to sub-metering a range of processes, buildings and incoming utility meters is a large industrial processing site based in Victoria.

This site had a requirement to measure a wide range of utility types, including:

  • High Voltage Electricity
  • CT and WC 3 Phase Electricity
  • Mains Water
  • Mains Gas
  • Co-Generation Gas
  • Effluent

This required a range of electricity meters, 240V powered data loggers and battery powered data loggers to be used which were all remotely read each day and the data sent to an EMP Multi Plus system to allow for analysis and detailed reporting on the measured quantities.

In addition the site had an existing BMS control system that the customer wished to maintain, so Metering Dynamics installed pulse splitters where required to accurately share the pulse information between the information systems and the control systems.

The result is an accurate representation of utility consumption across a large industrial site that compliments the existing control system and allows for complex reporting and consumption analysis on the measured quantities.

A Set & Forget Solution

When purchasing equipment the long term reliability and maintenance is an area that can present companies with concern:

  • Who will look after my equipment in the long term?
  • What happens when a device requires a new battery?
  • How do I anticipate the long term costs involved?

These are just a few of the typical questions posed when reviewing equipment purchases.

Metering Dynamics recognised this concern and created a Managed Service Approach for sub-metering equipment which does away with the up front capital pay out and offers a fixed term, fixed price approach instead.

For a fixed price per meter per year Metering Dynamics will install, commission and take responsibility for maintaining and servicing the submetering equipment it has supplied for a fixed term. This provides the Customer with the peace of mind that they will retain an ongoing supply of accurate and reliable information and any maintenance issues will be addressed in a timely and efficient manner.