April 2014 – Metering Dynamics – April e-newsletter

  • Metering Dynamics’ information solutions cater for more than just standard electricity data.

Metering Dynamics has long been known for the installation and measurement of interval electricity meters. However Metering Dynamics’ information solutions have been designed with the flexibility to cater for a wide range of customer portfolios including;

• Electricity generation: Both EMP Multi Plus and InfoDynamics are capable of loading and reporting on import (generation) data where four quadrant metering is installed on site Note: Import channels are not loaded or displayed in either EMP Multi Plus or InfoDynamics by default, please contact the information team to organise set-up.
• Data from other MDA’s: Metering Dynamics’ MDA has the capability to warehouse data provided by alternate MDA’s and send that data through to Metering Dynamics’ information systems.
• Cyclic electricity data: EMP Multi Plus and InfoDynamics can also import and report on cyclic electricity data, sent via the MDA.
• Water and gas data: Both EMP Multi Plus and InfoDynamics can be used to report on Water and Gas usage where Metering Dynamics has sub-metering installed. Many of Metering Dynamics’ customers take advantage of this functionality to identify leaks using exception reporting and benchmark like sites to identify sites with excessive usage.

To find out how you can better utilise EMP Multi Plus or InfoDynamics, contact the information team via mdinfosupport@meteringdynamics.com.au

  • A comprehensive metering specification is available for your information and use.

Specifying the incorrect type of electricity meter or data logger for your project can significantly impact on time, performance and cost. To assist in this area Metering Dynamics has worked with our existing customers and partners to develop a comprehensive metering specification that makes the process of specifying metering quick & simple.

The Metering Dynamics Metering Specification includes requirements, technical specifications and recommendations to ensure the most suitable electricity metering and data logging solutions are chosen for your project.

Metering Dynamics thorough metering specification covers a range of metering scenarios and applicable metering or data logging solutions, including:
• Utility Revenue Metering
• Tenancy Metering
• Base Building Metering
• Sub Metering of Electricity, Water & Gas
A generic version of the document is available via our website Generic Metering Specification

For further information about this Metering Specification please contact Metering Dynamics on 1300 792 611.

  • Has your site been compromised?

Ever wanted to know quickly that a site or a circuit has lost power, or suffered a brown out (loss of phase)? Did you know that Metering Dynamics can provide a near real time alarming service for suitable metering installations? This service provides you with a notification so you can take appropriate action to protect stock, ensure safety is maintained, manage your operations and minimise any impact?

For more information contact Metering Dynamics and ask about our Loss of Supply solution.