April 2015 – Metering Dynamics – April e-newsletter

  • Metering Dynamics’ Integrated Metering Solutions

Metering Dynamics has long been known for metering solutions such as NEM metering, Sub-Metering and Embedded Networks. But many people are unaware of Metering Dynamics’ ability to provide integrated metering solutions which are robust, scalable and have the flexibility to be integrated and/or coexist with Building or Plant Management System equipment and achieve a wide variety of business requirements.

What services can be included in an ‘Integrated Metering Solution’?
Metering Dynamics’ integrated metering solutions can be tailored to meet a range of customer requirements, including various combinations of the following services:

  • Services to meet obligations
    • Market Metering such as NEM Electricity (gate meters)
    • Sub-metering of water, gas and effluent
    • NABERS exclusion for common areas
    • Revenue and compliance
  • Base Building Monitoring for things like HVAC, Tenants, Risers
  • Connectivity and integration for a secondary purpose such as BMS via MODBUS
  • Calibration / Validation of the BMS data on a frequent basis so that the client knows its BMS is operating at its optimum control points
  • Embedded Network Metering
  • Tenancy metering for on-charging
  • Near RealTime (NRT) data (5 minute data direct from the meter)

Why should you work with Metering Dynamics?
When you partner with Metering Dynamics you can rest easy knowing that Metering Dynamics’

  • Metering can co-exist with existing solutions, it is not a case of one or the other;
  • Will comply with the Health & Safety requirements of the project;
  • Have proven commissioning and testing experience;
  • Data is validated through market systems (excluding NRT data);
  • Use Patent approved meters which surpass Building Code of Australia (BCA) Section J.

If you would like to discuss any of Metering Dynamics’ solutions or discuss your requirements, contact sales@meteringdynamics.com.au

  • MDP Data Feeds

Metering Dynamics’ Meter Data Provider (MDP) can send data files directly to customers when arranged. The delivery of data via a direct feed can be in addition to, or as an alternative to, the utilisation of Metering Dynamics’ information products such as EMP Multi Plus and InfoDynamics. The most common reasons for the creation of direct data feeds are:

  • To provide usage data in market format so that it can be loaded into customer systems
  • To provide data directly to a third party

The file type that is delivered is based on the type of data being received and the ability for third parties to load the file format. In general, a daily NEM12 would be sent for all interval metering points and a daily NEM13 for all basic/cyclic metering points (where required). The exception to this is when a customer or third party does not have a system capable of loading and/or deciphering a NEM12 or NEM13 file. In these circumstances a PRN can be delivered instead. PRN files are easier to read and can be opened in Excel, however PRN files are generally only sent Monthly, no data status flags are contained within the file, and the delivery of the data will be held up until substitutions are cleared.

Please refer to the below links for more information about direct data feeds;

  • InfoDynamics has reports to suit all your business requirements

Metering Dynamics’ Information systems, such as InfoDynamics, provide a diverse range of reports suitable for the realisation of various business requirements. Some of the business outcomes that can be achieved through the use of Metering Dynamics’ reports are:

  • Basic usage information – quickly attain usage data in multiple formats
  • Cyclic usage information – calculate total consumption figures split by standard Time of Use (TOU) periods
  • Strategic planning – measure and track the progress of efficiency initiatives that have been implemented
  • Identification of anomalies – Exception reports can alert of usage / demand or power factor (PF) outside of normal range
  • Whole portfolio view / benchmarking – visualise and compare usage and/or trends for a large number of sites at the same time
  • Retrospective investigations – take a closer look at a specific time frame to see how an event on site affected usage or assess the long term usage trends on site
  • Import/ Export – easily visualise generation on site and the impact it has on total site consumption

All of the above outcomes (along with numerous others) can be achieved using Metering Dynamics’ existing portfolio of reports. . If you are having trouble finding a report to meet your needs, email your requirements through to us at MDInfoSupport@meteringdynamics.com.au and we will endeavour to provide an output that meets your needs.

Please note: The reports available will be dependent on your contracted product offering. If there is a report mentioned which is unavailable to you currently, please contact us via MDInfoSupport@meteringdynamics.com.au and we will see how we can make it available.

  • Did you know?

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