Changes to Meter Churn Rules as of Sept 2015

As of 1st September 2015, AEMO have implemented new rules surrounding the Meter Churn Data Management Procedure and Meter Churn Procedures for Financially Responsible Market Participants for type 1-4 metering.  The purpose of initiating the rules is to remove inconsistencies on Meter Churn.
The following table is a brief summary of the impacted processes:


What IS changing?
1. A Retailer (FRMP) can request and nominate a change in Service Provider for MP/MDP services only when they are the active FRMP in the market.  This transfer must occur prior to the MP/MDP nomination being submitted.  E.g. where there is a new incoming Retailer and a change of MP/MDP is required, the NMI must firstly be transferred to the new Retailer under their existing MP/MDP arrangements as per MSATS.
2. Once the appropriate nominated Retailer takes effect in MSATS the Retailer (FRMP) has 3 months to transfer the site to the new MP/MDP.

What IS NOT changing?
1. In the instance where there will not be a change of Retailer and a change of MP/MDP is required the standard current transfer process applies, the Retailer can nominate the MP/MDP prior to proposed transfer over date for the MP/MDP to install meters prior to the transfer date, the incumbent MDP will continue to send data via the current data churn process and the transfer can go ahead as per current process.
2. All Greenfield sites and sites with basic meters are managed as they are currently and are not impacted by the New Churn Rules.

Customer Impacts:
Metering Dynamics have considered carefully the impacts of the New Churn rules with respect to current processes/contracts, customer requirements and meeting customer expectations and would like to share the following with you to help you to understand the effects.
Where there is an expected Retailer change-over at the same time a meter change-over is required (i.e. new Retail contract commencement aligns with New Metering Agreement where Metering Dynamics meters are to be installed);
1. The meter change-over will occur after the proposed Contract commencement date (within a 3 month time frame) as nominated by the Retailer.
2. The consumption data and associated information service packages will not be available from the proposed contract commencement date, this will become available as the meters are installed and the appropriate market transfer occurs.  It is expected that this will more than likely be a different date for each site.
3. Large portfolio transfers will need to be managed carefully so as to ensure the Retailer provides sufficient installation time frames.
4. It will be extremely important for both Metering Dynamics and our customers to communicate and coordinate to remain on top of the transfer process, in order to ensure meters are transferred ASAP after the Retailer transfer occurs.
5. Metering Fee’s and any other related charges can only be recovered from the registered transfer date in the market to new MP/MDP.
6. Where customers can arrange for data to be forwarded from the incumbent MDP from the proposed Contract commencement date, Metering Dynamics will be happy to accept a NEM12 data feed to ensure service continuity and provide back fill of any data not available from Metering Dynamics meters.

If you have any further questions surrounding these changes, please contact
Alternatively AEMOs communications surrounding the changes to Meter Churn rules can be found here.