Commercial Sub-Metering for Compliance Reporting

A national chain of hotels needed to gain a greater understanding of their water and gas usage and use the data to create a myriad of reports, for both internal use and compliance reporting such as NABERS (National Australian Built Environmental Ratings Scheme).

The company was facing numerous challenges, including:

  • How to extract the data from a range of meter types across different portfolios, in varying site locations, including meters located in car parks, basements and common access areas;
  • How to share different levels of utility information across management teams and site managers so only relevant reports and information is accessible, and;
  • How to cost effectively manage the roll out of such a significant project without impacting day to day operations.

Metering Dynamics was able to provide a solution that met all of the needs specified above and more.

Using a combination of SmartNet, an in-house developed data logging technology, alongside utility grade water and gas meters, Metering Dynamics project managed installation across almost 40 sites across Australia.

SmartNet data loggers are available as mains powered devices and battery powered, which allowed a solution to be applied that suited each site. A number of sites had water meters located along the site boundary, which meant access to power could be costly and time consuming. A battery powered logger, as shown, was utilised at many sites to reduce cost and ensure that consumption could be captured accurately.

The data from each of the 65+ metering points is collected each day remotely by Metering Dynamics Meter Data Agency where it is validated, warehoused and distributed as required.

For this company the distribution of data was to Metering Dynamics online service portal called InfoDynamics. This web based information portal allows users to securely log onto an internet portal and access a range of information reports and data outputs from multiple sites, or depending on the users set-up they may only access sites in their region, or a specific site. This meets the company’s requirement for specific access by a range of site managers and regional managers as well as Head Office access for overall reporting.

The hotel chain can now boast detailed access to water and gas consumption data across a number of their hotel portfolios which allows them to meet compliance reporting requirements as well as manage utility usage and efficiency