January 2014 – Metering Dynamics January E-newsletter

  • Metering Dynamics wishes you a safe, productive and healthy 2014

In 2013 Metering Dynamics delivered more metering solutions across Australia than any previous year, including a significant roll out of CT Testing and Site Inspections, increased sub-metering installs (from base building and tenancy metering through to embedded network projects), provided even more reporting options and started to supply meters through our new MeterShop portal. During a challenging year, with significant market change occurring, we pushed hard to deliver on our customer promises.

2014 is looking like another year full of opportunity and challenge, and has already started with major customer driven improvements to our online information portal – InfoDynamics (see below), the release of new multi utility products and the start of some exciting new metering projects.

We hope that your year starts positively and safely and we look forward to working closely with our customers, both new and existing as we progress through the year.

We value your feedback and would welcome your comments and feedback on how we might serve you better – please provide feedback here.

  • A Guide to Market Churn

There is a distinct difference between a meter installation and Metering Dynamics’ ability to provide metering data to the customer. This is because a meter change and transfer in the market do not always occur at the same point in time, the time that elapses between the meter install and meter transfer is referred to as meter churn.

Metering Providers (MP) and Meter Data Providers (MDP) such as Metering Dynamics must adhere to the rules stipulated in the “Meter Data Churn Management Process” provided by AEMO. These rules state that metering data cannot be released to a customer or customer’s nominated approved person until it becomes the new MDP in the market. This means that even though Metering Dynamics may have installed a meter, we can only supply meter data to the current MDP in the market until the MDP transfer date. The current MDP validates the data and sends it to market parties until the transfer date. Data cannot be supplied to the customer by Metering Dynamics until MDP transfer occurs. Transfer typically happens within 15 days of meter install, however it can take months in certain cases. Please read this fact sheet for a more detailed explanation of meter churn rules.

  • Metering Dynamics has released a new and improved version of InfoDynamics

Over the last 12 months the Metering Dynamics Information Team has been working hard to improve the functionality of the InfoDynamics portal. The upgrades we have implemented are based on customer feedback and updated browser requirements, along with Metering Dynamics’ refreshed new look.

Improvements include: • The ability to create and manage sub-users from the website – now high level users can take control of the other users in their business and provide specific access to meter information (for example providing site managers with a login to see only their sites/meters) • Auto-updating of report schedules and favourites when new meters are added. • Editing of report schedules via the website, eliminating the need to rerun schedules when you require an edit to the schedule name, run date and/or the list of recipients. • Now compatible with Internet Explorer 10, FireFox and Google Chrome • The restriction of 50 meters per report / schedule has also been modified to allow more meters to be run (contact the InfoDynamics team for more information) • Plus many more useability updates…

  • Simple Meter Supply

Did you know that Metering Dynamics has an online outlet for the provision of innovative metering solutions?

MeterShop was created to offer our customers an alternative source for the latest NMI pattern approved electricity meters and associated integration devices from leading manufacturers at competitive prices.

For more information click here.