July 2014 – Metering Dynamics – July Newsletter

  • From DIY to Turnkey; Metering Dynamics can provide a range of Metering Solutions

Metering Dynamics have the capability to step into your metering project in a range of capacities. We commonly refer to our flexibility in service as a “pendulum of choice”; you choose the level of service required and we can shift our resources and focus to accommodate this.

Metering Dynamics’ customers range from those who simply want ‘supply only’ purchasing of meters or accessories from MeterShop to customers who require full metering and information solutions, project managed and delivered as part of turn-key projects.

Some of the variations in product and service levels available from our ‘pendulum of choice’ include;
• Supply only of Metering Assets
• Meter Supply and Commissioning Services
• Meter Supply, Installation and Commissioning Services
• Meter Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Remote Reading Services
• Meter Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Reading Services as well as Information Systems
• Data Warehousing and Information Systems
Where requested Metering Dynamics can work with you through the design and scoping stage to tailor a level of service that exactly matches your requirements.

If you would like to discuss any of Metering Dynamics’ solutions or a turnkey solution, contact sales@meteringdynamics.com.au

  • Water Logging – Manage Consumption… Identify Leaks… Reduce Costs

A major Australian amusement park engaged Metering Dynamics to assist in the management of their water consumption. Although they had high usage levels they were not able to effectively manage this usage as they could not measure it beyond the main incoming water meter.

Metering Dynamics provided a proprietary logging solution which unlocked access to their consumption data and also led to the discovery of a major leak. This leak was obscured as the water had been soaking into the soft earth surrounding the leak. This realisation led to the amusement park making further investments into their metering programme to ensure the effective management of their water consumption into the future.

Today they have the ability to understand water consumption across their facility, right down to utility and recycled water use.

How can you benefit from a Metering Dynamics logging solution?
• Discover water loss promptly (e.g. leaks, excess splash, overflow)
• Benchmarking to an industry standard or across multiple sites to identify savings and irregularities
• Identify where alternative water sources may be beneficial (e.g. rainwater, greywater)
• Offset annual price increases

  • Comply with BCA Regulations Section J with Sub-metering:

The primary objective of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) regulations Section J is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It mandates that a Class 2 to 9 building (commercial), including its services, has features that facilitate efficient use of energy. A BCA Section J report is typically required by local councils and building authorities when applying for a construction certificate, building permit or development application. It’s also necessary when ownership of the building changes.

Metering Dynamics sub-metering solution allows a building owner or a manager to comply with regulations and compliance programs viz. NABERS, EEO, BCA Section J, etc. The data provided by the installed sub-metering focuses accountability of energy use on individual users/groups/departments occupying the building. It further assists them in making decisions regarding replacement or upgrade of process/equipment to realise energy efficiency, reducing the cost of utility consumption.

Metering Dynamics works very closely with our customers to ensure metering assets are installed, commissioned and validated. Once measurement points are established, the data obtained is read daily, validated, data warehoused and delivered direct or through your choice of Metering Dynamics Information portal.

Please read this fact sheet for a more detailed explanation of Metering Dynamics sub-metering solutions and click here to find out more about this.

  • Did you know?

The majority of Metering Dynamics’ commonly used forms are available on the website. Please visit http://www.meteringdynamics.com.au/resources/forms/
to download forms.

Feel free to let us know if there are any others you would like to be made available.