October 2013 – Metering Dynamics – Supporting Change in an Evolving Market

  • Pattern approved meters – Supporting change in an evolving market.

The lifting of exemptions to pattern approved electricity meters by the National Measurement Institute (NMI) in January 2013 was an opportunity for new entrants to come into the Australian market for metering of trade applications. The latest proposed amendments (July 2013) do not appear to be motivating manufacturers particularly DIN rail mounted meters, to get their equipment pattern approved. As a result the number of pattern approved DIN Rail meters available is still minimal and does not provide a lot of choice, particularly for switchboard builders who prefer this style of metering, as it fits well with their board construction methodology.

The changes to pattern approval have forced some innovative thinking for companies providing metering into applications that need billing data who would have traditionally utilised a DIN rail mounted meter. Metering Dynamics has been supporting the change by working with switchboard manufacturers to integrate pattern approved board mounted metering into a space previously occupied by DIN rail meters. Where space is an issue alternative arrangements have been used, such as mounting metering in small enclosures on the top or side of the existing switchboard.

For further information on pattern approval please visit the National Measurement Institute www.measurement.gov.au

  • CT Testing & Enhanced Site Inspections – What you need to know:

Current Transformers (CTs) are designed to transform the current in a high voltage transmission to lower values which can be measured by electricity meters. The accuracy of your current transformers is of great importance as with inaccurate CTs comes inaccurate meter readings. Due to the harm untested CTs may have, the National Electricity Rules require CT’s to be tested every 10 years.

In addition, Enhanced Site Inspections are also being carried out and cover an additional layer of safety and accuracy testing to ensure your site complies with all relevant regulations.

With changing ownership of assets (with a number of networks having handed over assets to customers), the Australian Energy Market Operator has recently placed accountability onto the Responsible Person, usually your Retailer, to ensure this testing is performed.

Metering Dynamics has been carrying out CT testing and Enhanced Site Inspections for the last 2 years and has a team of qualified personnel working closely with your Retailer.

Click here for a detailed article on CT Testing and Enhanced Site Inspections

  • Maximise cost control & efficiency with Sub-Metering:

Sub-metering is all about creating measurement points to make consumption of utilities such as electricity, water and gas visible to a range of people, typically via an information portal. By making this usage data visible you create the ability to understand how those utilities are being used. This information can then be used to create and/or support opportunities to change behaviour, introduce new processes or equipment and thereby manage the usage and ultimately reduce cost of utility consumption. Sub-metering also enables building owners and managers to accurately capture their tenant’s usage and accurately recover costs through billing or other means.

In today’s climate of rising utility costs the ability to have this visibility and control to enable action to be taken is becoming highly desirable, and sub-metering is a very cost effective method to achieve this.

Sub-metering is used on single buildings through to embedded networks in shopping centres and high rise towers.

More information on how we can assist you in creating measurement points to understand site consumption please click here: https://www.meteringdynamics.com.au/products/multi-utility-sub-metering-solutions/

More information on our information solutions please click here https://www.meteringdynamics.com.au/products/information-solutions/