October 2014 – Metering Dynamics – October Newsletter

  • Discover the Range of Electricity Meters & Accessories available through MeterShop.

MeterShop provides an easy way to discover our range of products including single phase electricity meters, three phase whole current & CT meters for low voltage/ high voltage applications including meter templates and a variety of auxiliary devices like pulse splitters, MODBUS converters, SIM free modems and more.

Did you know that you can experience a faster, hassle-free shopping experience through MeterShop’s e-commerce facility including enjoying discounts based on volume purchases?

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  • Daylight Savings Has Begun – How will this affect you?

Daylight Saving Time came into effect on October 6th (2am), and runs through to April 5th (2am).

If you are in Queensland, Northern Territory or Western Australia our interactions will remain the same. If you are in a Southern State and therefore affected by Daylight Saving Time it is important that you keep the following in mind:

Standard Metering Dynamics Support Hours
The Metering Dynamics standard support hours are 7.30am – 4.00pm (AEST).

Meter Data & Information Systems
As per the Australian Electricity Market Operator (AEMO) rules, all meter data for states governed by AEMO is provided in AEST, Daylight Saving Time is never applied. Due to the way in which meters are read outside of the AEMO area, data for meters located in WA and NT is always provided in “Standard” local time (AWST & ACST respectively).

InfoDynamics reports do not incorporate Daylight Saving Time – Please refer to our TOU fact sheet which explains the TOU periods for InfoDynamics

EMP Multi Plus users have the option to “Apply Times” to Bills in the system, in order to accommodate Daylight Saving Time. Please contact the Information Support team via MDInfoSupport@meteringdynamics.com.au if you are unsure how to do this.

  • On-Selling Electricity? Take Advantage of Metering Dynamics Experience with Embedded Networks.

Whether you call it an Embedded Network, Inset Metering, Private Metering or Bulk Supply Metering. Metering Dynamics has the proven and dependable capability to partner with you on your next project. Metering Dynamics has been facilitating the regulated bulk supply metering process in Queensland for well over a decade, and the last 5 years has seen us ramp up across Australia. We have proven experience establishing Embedded Networks in NSW, VIC, SA, QLD and WA including several large shopping centres, commercial facilities, blue chip commercial buildings, retirement villages/communities and gated communities.

If you need a full installation service, supply and commissioning, or supply only Metering Dynamics can tailor a solution based on your requirements.

Through our data services, we are experienced at working with your chosen third party Embedded Network Operator as required. We can offer you raw data, NEM12 data, enhanced data analysis with one of our proprietary information products, or setup your network to feed ModBus data to the Building Management System.

To have a confidential discussion about our proven case studies and your next project give our Embedded Network specialists a call on 1300 792 611 (option 5) or alternatively email sales@meteringdynamics.com.au

More information is available here: www.meteringdynamics.com.au/product/embedded-networks/

  • Did you know?

• We’ve been providing solutions to enable on billing for Serviced Hot Water since 2002 and have tens of thousands of meters connected to our data logging solutions across Australia.
• Our solutions deliver data to Body Corporates, Property Managers, Industrial complex owners and verified third parties to enable accurate and timely billing of hot water consumption.
• We can also provide solutions to capture the main incoming gas and water supplies for a complete site overview.
Click here to review our solutions: www.meteringdynamics.com.au/product/tenancy-metering/