EDMI MK10A Three Phase CT Smart Meter

The EDMI MK10A Three Phase CT Meter is an advanced AMR-capable, pattern approved, three phase electricity meter.

Price includes standard programming. Price without programming or special templates available on request.


The EDMI MK10A CT Meter is an advanced three phase, 3 element, 4 quadrant electronic meter which is AMI ready. The EDMI MK10A CT Meter is:

  • National Measurement Institute pattern approved for use in billing and trade applications
  • Class 1,2 accuracy
  • Suitable for a wide range of measurement applications both residential and commercial
  • Remote read capability, reducing the need for utility visits by meter readers and increasing site security (requires modem and additional data services)
  • CT (5(20A)) configuration (Also available in whole current/direct connect 10(100A))
  • Programmable template configuration available (additional costs apply)
  • Now available with 3 Active Inputs

Download the fact sheet here: EDMI Mk10A Three Phase (CT) Electricity Meter

Additional Information

Metering Dynamics supplies the following build codes through MeterShop:

  • 1A11-J21-27-F11-201030-3P = 10/100A WC/Direct Connect - (1 Active Input, 3 S0 Outputs)
  • 1A11-H21-27-F11-201030-3P = 5/20A CT - (1 Active Input, 3 S0 Outputs)
  • 1A11-J21-27-F11-203010-3P = 10/100A WC/Direct Connect - (3 Active Inputs, 1 S0 Output)
  • 1A11-H21-27-F11-203010-3P = 5/20A CT - (3 Active Inputs, 1 S0 Output)

Features of electricity meters from EDMI (Atlas series) include:

  • national measurements pattern-approved
  • class 1, 2 accuracy (1% active, 2% reactive)
  • suitable for 3 phase, 4 wire applications
  • three element
  • measures billing log – import/export Wh, varh. engineering log – current average, voltage average, and phase angle for each phase (13 channels split between two logs)
  • one RS 232 serial communication port for modem connection
  • option to use SmartHub MODBUS interface with Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • option to use EDMI Mini-Hub interface for connection to RS485 networks (EDMI Command Line)
  • sub-metering interval – 30 minutes (Queensland), 15 minutes (outside Queensland)
  • over 5 years of 4 channel, 30 minute interval data can be held in memory
  • ability to store average/minimum/maximum values for interval duration.

Technical Details

Nominal voltage 220-240V
Operating voltage 180-290V
Frequency 45-65Hz
CT current range 5(20)A
WC current range 10(100)A
Operating temperature range -25°C and +60°C
Storage temperature range -40°C and +80°C
Relative humidity Up to 95% non-condensing
Approvals IEC 62052-11, 62053-21, 62053-23
Dimensions 240mm(H) 165mm(W) 80mm (D)