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EMP Multi Plus

EMP Multi Plus is an essential tool that takes the complexity out of purchasing/monitoring energy and gives you the power to take control of energy costs.


Our EMP Multi Plus solution is the product of choice for many of Australia’s leading corporations, manufacturers, facility managers, multi-nationals, and household brands.

EMP Multi Plus is a must-have business tool for financial overview, energy and operations, commercial, and environmental management, designed to help organisations better manage:

  • historical data and analysis
  • greenhouse emission inventory and analysis
  • sustainability reporting functionality
  • billing/account analysis and forecasting of electricity
  • bill validation and estimation for electricity
  • evaluation of the implications of process changes
  • energy tender preparation, performance monitoring and verification
  • compliance reporting and data warehousing.

In addition to EMP Multi Plus, you can nominate Metering Dynamics as the Meter Provider or Meter Data Agency.

Additional Information

The key features of EMP Multi Plus include:

  • intuitive graphical user interface
  • innovative graphing functionally
  • flexible and powerful electricity billing engine
  • integrated threshold alarming module
  • raw and statistical data reviewers
  • site summary reporting functionally
  • multi-site reporting capability
  • flexible export capability
  • scalable data repository
  • automated data loading.

Technical Details

Please refer to the EMP Multi Plus IT specification document for more details.