Itron EM211 Single Phase Meter

The Itron EM211 Type 902 is a single phase, pattern-approved, direct connect, class 1, watt-hour electricity meter.


The Itron EM211 Type 902 meter – with integral Real Time Clock – is a compact and cost-effective meter.

The meter is well-equipped for the modern utility environment and is NMI approved.

Applications include the ability to provide pulse output and basic tenancy billing.

Download the fact sheet here: Itron EM211 Type 902 meter

Additional Information

Itron ACE2000 Type 292 features:

  • Static watt-hour meter
  • Class 1 direct connect meter
  • Pattern approved (NMI)
  • Suitable for single phase 2-wire applications
  • Import and Export registers (kWh). Import -> To customer, Export -> From customer
  • Pulse output (kWh)
  • Display available without mains power
  • compact & lightweight

Technical Details

Itron EM211 Type 902 technical specifications:

  • One element
  • Rated voltage 240VAC
  • Maximum current 100A
  • Reference frequency 50Hz
  • Meter constant 500 imp/kWh
  • Operates in environments between -40oC and +70oC
  • Degree of protection IP54
  • Electronic (LCD) digital indicator
  • Bottom connect type base
  • Dimensions 180mm(H) 122mm(W) 45mm (D)
  • Weight 0.36kg