Information Solutions

Power Quality Reporting

Metering Dynamics provides ad hoc Power Quality reports enabling the identification of instantaneous supply disturbances (sag/swell) and longer-term anomalies (average voltage graphs).


Metering Dynamics can produce Power Quality reports on request. Our reports display a graphical representation of steady state voltage and currents for recent recorded history, and a tabular form of the sag/swell log history.

Power Quality reports enable our customers to:

  • visually recognise discrepancies in voltage through the display of short-term sag/swell events, or longer-term supply fluctuations in our steady state volts and currents graphs
  • pinpoint the exact day and time of any issues displayed in the graph/s and identify any issues that weren’t significant enough to be picked up in the graph through the sag/swell log.

A Metering Dynamics Power Quality report can also identify any power supply issues allowing you to rectify them before extra damage is done. Poor power quality can result in:

  • temporary fluctuations that could result in dimming lights and sub-standard performance of electrical products
  • possible premature equipment failure
  • non-compliance with standards and regulations.

Metering Dynamics can only provide Power Quality reports when nominated as the Meter Provider.

Additional Information

Metering Dynamics’ Power Quality reports should be used as an indication of possible issues. If you think you are experiencing power quality issues, we suggest you talk to a power quality expert (at your local electricity network provider) for a detailed explanation and further information.

Please refer to our Power Quality Reporting fact sheet for further details.

Technical Details

Sag/swell events are recorded when duration exceeds 0.1s.

The voltage axis is auto scaled to 15% of nominal. If your voltage exceeds this scale, it will appear on the sag/swell log in more detail.