• Embedded Networks

    Metering Dynamics provides pattern-approved metering solutions to enable our embedded network operators to accurately resell electricity to their tenants.

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  • EMP Multi Plus

    EMP Multi Plus is an essential tool that takes the complexity out of purchasing/monitoring energy and gives you the power to take control of energy costs.

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  • EMP Multi Plus – Environmental

    EMP Multi Plus – Environmental and Carbon Reporting arms companies with the tools to reduce energy capacity and greenhouse gas emissions, through the use of user-entered values (UEV).

    A suite of reports have been developed to utilise UEV and are compliant for use across various environmental management programs.

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  • InfoDynamics

    Our intuitive InfoDynamics online data management and information reporting tool empowers our customers to make informed management decisions regarding electricity, gas and water consumption.

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  • Meter Data Agency

    Metering Dynamics’ Meter Data Agency is accredited by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) as a meter data provider for meter types 1-4, and 6 and 7.

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