Sub-Metering of Tenancy for On Charging, Building Efficiency and Reporting

Metering Dynamics works closely with our customers to ensure their requirements are fulfilled through the installation of high quality sub-metering and the supply of effective and accurate information management tools.

So when Metering Dynamics was approached to help monitor electricity metering points in a high rise commercial premise with a number of retail levels, the work began to understand exactly what the customer wanted to achieve.

With over 30 floors of commercial office space and 10 retail outlets to be monitored, a scope visit was arranged and the requirements became clear – measure electrical consumption to each tenant to allow for accurate cost recovery, whilst collecting relevant information to ensure compliance reporting and building efficiency could be managed.

In all over 65 electricity meters, of both CT and WC types were installed throughout the property, capturing both mechanical and tenancy loads. Installation and commissioning works were performed both in and out of business hours to ensure minimal disruption to tenants and their business operations. Working closely with the customer the whole project took around 10 weeks to complete.

Data is read remotely each day by Metering Dynamics Meter Data Agency and processed through a back office system that validates, warehouses and distributes the data as required.

To enable cost recovery exercises to be performed, as well as compliance reports produced and efficiency monitored, the customer was supplied with the latest version of EMP Multi Plus.

EMP Multi Plus is an integrated software platform that allows the customer to interrogate meter data from their site on a next day basis. With features such as Aggregated Summary Reporting, Benchmarking, a range of Compliance Reports and the ability to on charge tenancies based on actual consumption EMP Multi Plus exceeded the requirements of the customer.